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Certified in North Hollywood, Celebrated in the Philippines, Over Two Decades of Dog Obedience mastery.



"Luigi graduated from Gio's dog obedience training. Now, he knows how to heel, how to sit, and we can walk comfortably without any distractions. If you're interested in getting your dog trained, please visit his website at k9manila.com. Thank you!"
"Hello, I'm Andy, and my dog has undergone training for dog obedience at k9manila.com. k9manila.com is owned by Gio Marcelo, who passionately pursues his talent in dog training. Before the training, my dog used to be very anxious and reactive. He would be overly protective of me during our walks and would bark at other people invading our personal space. Additionally, he would easily get distracted. However, after receiving personal training from Gio, my dog has become easier to walk. There are no more distractions, and he no longer shows aggression towards other pedestrians. If you're interested, you can contact Gio at k9manila.com. Juan and I are grateful to Gio. Thank you!"
"Thank you Mr. Gio Marcelo for training our dog. Graduate na si Lemonade . If you guys want your dogs to be trained check his website at k9manila.com!"

Dog Training

Gio offer two kinds of dog training. Click below to learn more. Or call Gio 
email: k9manila@gmail.com
mobile: +63 945 411 0469 (Globe)

Gio's personal dog Raki with Arci Muñoz
Gio's personal dog Raki with KC Concepcion
Gio's personal dog Raki with Carmi Martin and Arci Muñoz

Boarding Services & Dogs for Sale


PHP600 a day. We will take care of your dog as we do ours Your dog will be fed (please bring your own food) and given water regularly.For more details call Gio at mobile: +63 945 411 0469 (Globe)

Dog for Sale (SOLD)

Doberman Male import European Protection trained perfect obedience well balance to people & kids can bring anywhere else as your buddy & personal security. the commands will be transfer to the new owner.

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