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Newly Trained Dogs of Clients »

All the dogs of clients below were formerly easily distracted and couldn’t sit still in public and with other dogs. After good behavior and obedience training, they are alert but calm and responsive to owner’s and trainer’s commands.  

Dog For Sale: Belgian Malinois »

Belgian Malinois male imported line Trained obedience and advance well balance. good guard dog for ur home Protection.

My fully trained Border Collie »

                    My fully trained Border Collie, can play tricks and agility. Contact Gio for more details regarding training for any kinds of dogs.

My border collie agility training exercise »

My belgian malinois Personel Protection training »

My belgian malinois agility training »

My L.A P.D Police Dog ( Belgian malinois ) »

My L.A.P.D Police Dog ( Belgian Malinois )

Dog Of The Day: Blue From Sacramento SPCA! »

Blue is quite the little go-getter! Lots of fun, full of energy, but very well behaved when out for a walk and is eager to please. Blue is a sweet sweet boy who is very loving but needs to be…

Pom Pom Does Cardio »

We took Pom Pom to the cardiologist this week to make sure her ticker was a-OK. After doing an ultrasound, she was given a clean bill of heart health. (Man, what a nerve racking experience–three doctors in a room talking…