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Investment fee for basic obedience training is only Php 15,000. 00
DURATION: 15 DAYS – 20 Days

Majority of dog owners underestimate what their pets are capable of and miss out on the joy of having a much deeper relationship with their dog. Basic Obedience training is very important for all dogs in order for the owner to truly appreciate their canine companions. Moreover, training should be mandatory for large breed dogs for obvious reasons.

Having a well-trained dog has so many great rewards and advantages that it would be impossible to fully express them in words. It is certainly comparable to being a very proud parent, teacher, friend, and leader in human terms. A trained dog can be taken to any place where pets are allowed and you would not have any headaches and worries but only the pleasure of having the most delightful companion.

RAK K-9 Training Academy is founded on years of experience as well as formal schooling in a reputable K-9 training school in California, USA. Training will be done on a one-on-one basis with Gio Marcelo. Your dog will be housed in his complete training facility in Quezon City .

Training duration and stay: 15 days

Basic Obedience consist of the six fundamental commands:

  1. Sit
  2. Down
  3. Stay
  4. Come
  5. Heel
  6. No
Contact Gio for more information:
mobile: +63 945 411 0469 (Globe)

The procedure between Gio, our trainer and the pet owner is as follows:

  1. Initial consultation and assessment of the dog.
  2. Scheduling of lodging of the dog at the training facility.
  3. Actual process of daily step-by-step training.
  4. Transfer of commands.
  5. Graduation and turn-over consultation.

Duration of the training is estimated at 3 weeks and maximum of 4 weeks with guaranteed satisfaction of the owner. All breeds in all ages are welcome to enroll but subject to initial assessment.

Lodging of the dog in our complete training facility ensures intensive and consistent conditioning of your dog as opposed to house-call training that have proven to be ineffective. Your dog’s health, safety, food and shelter will be taken care of as we do our own dogs. We condemn any training practice that involves hurting, traumatizing a dog.

Training will be personally done by Gio Marcelo himself and no other personnel. Gio has trained various dogs, large and small. Satisfied customers are open to give their testimonials. Success stories will soon be featured on this site.

We believe Obedience Training not only disciplines the dog but makes both owner and pet happier. Dogs are built to follow the “pack leader” and would live a longer and happier life as it knows its place in their world as a true companion of the owner able to follow his or her commands.

Investment fee for basic obedience training is only Php 15,000. oo.

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**We strongly encourage owners to continuously educate themselves in understanding the health, behaviors of their dogs and dog training in general. Aside from TLC, education is essential to being a responsible owner.

*** Gio only trains 10 dogs at one time to guarantee quality training. Reserve your slots or schedule your dog’s education now.

Contact Gio for more information:
mobile: +63 945 411 0469 (Globe)