k9welcome-smallWe are nearly finished launching the best K9 Training website in the Philippines. Just a little more work…

We will be featuring tons of information on our world class dog training including tips and tricks. Success stories of happy pet owners and their wonderful dogs will also be featured including other graduated Belgian Malinois, Chow-chows, Shi-Tzus and many more.

And of course we will also show-off many pictures and videos of our star, the Belgian Malinois Raki as some of you might have seen him in our favorite hang-out in Tiende Sitas.

See you back soon!

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  1. Kuya, ako pu yung naka green na may kasamang bata kagabi .. hhe . 🙂 Mamisss ko yung si Rak. 🙂 Cute nun,.. hehe . Sana may aso na rin ako. Ü Nabuksan ko na pla website ni Rak . 🙂 Ingats po palagi pati kay Rak. 🙂

  2. hi din rak .. 🙂 grabe miz ko n un .. c rak .. sa sat. pU .. mmeet ko sya uyet kuya pede?? hhe ..papicture kme.. lgay ko sa fs ku 🙂 nandun b c rak sa sat. sa tiendesitas ?? .reply asap 🙂

  3. i really love dogs ever since i was a kid, but i do love to meet Raki’s trainor too… I hope i could see them both soon. By the way i love the videos. Cute ni Gio

  4. its so sad, am thousand millions away from Rak and Gio, but i wanna see them soon if matuloy kami sa Manila this december. Maybe i could meet bothe of them and and jhem too… by the way, am mikai from Albay, Bicol, 26 y/o.

  5. for the past years puro small dogs ang inalagaan ko but i am interested to have a much bigger dog like Raki. I feel more secured cguro noh?

  6. Hi Kuya Gio, this is BETH. You got a nice site here. I didn’t know you were into training dogs hehe. Hope to see you guys soon again and maybe this time i get to meet raki in person since ive only seen picture of him with you. I’ll come by and visit your website every now and then:) Take care!- Beth, Hawaii

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